If you're struggling with regularity, bloating, stomach discomfort, and/or immune issues - the Vital Planet Complete Digestive Wellness could be your solution!


Kit Includes:

-1 Vital Planet 14 Day Vital Cleanse

-1 Vital Planet 30 Capsule Ultra Daily Probiotic

-1 Vital Planet Gut Renew 6.88oz

-1 Vital Planet Vital Fiber 7.76oz


Vital Cleanse

2-part, 14-day system containing ingredients traditionally used to eliminate waste and impurities in the body. Supports a healthy, balanced intestinal environment while helping with constipation and supporting the body’s natural detoxification & elimination function.


Ultra Daily Probiotic

Formulated specifically for those seeking a high potency and high strain diversity daily probiotic. Promotes digestive balance & supports immune health.


Gut Renew

Combines L-glutamine and soothing herbs, to repair and rejuvenate your digestive system.


Vital Fiber

Super-delicious and organic daily fiber formula that contains mostly insoluble fiber, the type of fiber most known to promote bowel regularity! Eliminates unhealthy wastes & toxins and promotes daily bowel regularity. Mix with water, or sprinkle on salads!


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Vital Planet Complete Digestive Wellness Kit

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