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Discover the Power of Wellness: Our Customers' Stories

At Get Healthy, we’re passionate about providing you with the highest quality supplements and natural products that promote well-being. But don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our amazing customers have to say!

Kathy's Story

Our lovely customer Kathy shares her health story...

After struggling with serious digestive issues, she has found relief with a protocol developed by our own expert Laura DeWitt using Vital Planet Gut Renew, Vital Flora, and Vital Enzymes.

Angie's Story

Renee's Story

I cannot fully express how pleased I am with this store! Especially lately with Brian. I came in fully expecting to buy a liver cleanse. I didn’t expect to be educated and advised to the extent that I was.


I did buy and start a liver cleanse as expected, but added in curcumin, omega 7 and a strong probiotic, and was given hope for the first time in a year with an issue I’ve had, that unknowingly, starts in the liver. In six days, the discomfort was gone, and a month and a half later, I’m feeling the best I have in a year!


Brian is extremely knowledgeable and I’m so grateful this store is not far from home. My go to before any drug store and the norm of treating symptoms. Oh no, let’s treat the cause, and Get Healthy!

Heather's Story

Kathy is a literal angel on earth. Many times she has gone above and beyond in helping me. Her generosity and kindness is amazing. Her know how and knowledge is also something magical. I am so grateful for her and this store. I can not recommend this store enough or praise Kathy enough. a bazillion gazillion stars and then some!

An awesome grocery/health store with lots of options for someone that wants quality, sound products, and items that can assist in living a healthy lifestyle.


Brain, in-particular, has a ton of knowledge; I really appreciate the honesty and integrity he and the staff take with their customers. I've had several health issues and Brain is always willing to explain, in full detail, several products and why I may want one over the other. Highly recommend!

Sharon's Story

The selection here is wonderful and the help I have received each time I have visited is excellent. The products are top-notch and reasonably priced. The staff is knowledgeable and truly care about their clientele!

Since I have been following their suggestions, I feel so much better and have been able to come off several of the toxic prescriptions my doctors had me on... and with better results! No more stress, no more anxiety or depression, better digestion, and much less pain...all without the synthetic chemicals found in prescriptions.
Even my kitty has benefited from their natural pet products!

If you want to feel better and enjoy your life, go see the folks at Get Healthy and truly... get healthy!

Has Get Healthy helped you? Share your own health experience!

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