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Hair analysis
When: Bring a hair sample to us anytime! please call for best instructions on how to cut hair sample. 

Hair Analysis

Many of you know that we conduct monthly Live Blood Cell Analysis at both of our locations. These sessions with a qualified technician are so popular... The magnified sight on the screen of the incredible activity taking place in just one drop of blood is stunning.


Many Holistic Doctors and Health Professionals will often order another diagnostic tool; Hair Mineral Analysis. This is available to you at Get Healthy. We work with the Lab at Trace Elements, Inc. -  you just provide us a sample of your hair.

What is hair analysis?

Your lustrous locks contain all the minerals present in your body, including nutritional minerals as well as toxic heavy metals. HMA is a lab test that measures this mineral content in the hair. The test results reflect the levels of these elements in your tissues and provide a vivid blueprint of your internal health. From this we can learn how well your body is working.


How can HMA help me with my health goals?

Diet is what we consume and nutrition is what we retain. After 40 years of research, hair analysis has emerged as the most practical method of testing for mineral balance in your body. Even forensic science has embraced HMA as a way to glean information about an individual. Drug testing often uses this method.


We can also ascertain the presence of dangerous heavy metals. I have been looking at our customers’ hair analyses for 25 years and I see many with higher than allowed levels of lead, arsenic, aluminium and mercury. Arsenic, in particular, is very common in our community. The citrus and cattle industries both used arsenic as a pesticide in the 20th century. As the arsenic seeped into our ground and water table, it now shows up in our well water. Many homes in Hernando County have arsenic levels so high that they are provided bottled water by the Environmental Protection Agency. Arsenic is a known carcinogen. I personally discovered my own household contamination with arsenic when I did an HMA for myself and family in 2002. Now, we have a filter on our well. Elevated aluminium levels can be seen in customers who use antiperspirants. Cadmium can be found in secondhand or ex-smokers. Mercury is prevalent in dental fillings and fungicides, algaecides and pesticides.


If you are interested in discovering the toxic metals that your environment is bringing into your body, then do this simple test. Because the hair follicle is exposed to blood and lymph fluids for three months, the HMA can reveal problems created by long term exposure. Whereas a blood test gives information about your mineral and toxin levels at the time of the test, HMA indicates your overall levels, the actual storage levels, over this longer period of time.

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