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The Natural way radio

With Brian Mosser

Every first and third Saturday of the month!


7:00am on WXJB 99.9FM

Tune in for news on upcoming Get Healthy events, the newest research and information in the natural industry, and interviews with big names in natural health!

How We StartedNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 27:41

Episode One: How We Started

Discussing the history of Get Healthy.

Diva of DigestionNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:50

Episode Two: The Diva of Digestion

Brenda Watson joins us to discuss digestive health & how it regulates our entire system.

Increase Your Energy with Cheryl MyersNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 24:53

Episode Three: Reducing Stress & Increasing Energy with Cheryl Myers

Join us as Brian interviews health expert Cheryl Myers, discussing adrenal health, natural solutions for energy, and stress reduction.

Quality Formulas with John HoffmanNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 27:00

Episode Four: Quality testing and amazing formulas for allergies, brain health & vision support with John Hoffman of Bluebonnet Nutrition!

Nitric Oxide with Dr. Jay WilkinsNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:00

Episode Five: The Power of Nitric Oxide with Dr. Jay Wilkins, ND. With over 25 years as a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Jay wants you to learn about this "Miracle Molecule"! 

The Power of Greens with Jordan RubinNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:00

Episode Six: The Power of Greens with Jordan Rubin of Ancient Nutrition! Learn how greens help to alkalize and detoxify - and why these powerful nutrients are so important to the entire family!

Metabolic Syndrome with Dr. Lexi LochNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 26:20

Episode Seven: Metabolic Syndrome with Dr. Lexi Loch. Brian and Lexi talk blood pressure, blood sugar & cholesterol issues - and the natural solutions.

Full Spectrum Hemp with Chris TradNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:00

Episode Eight: Fountain of Health founder, Chris Trad, joins Brian to discuss the power of full spectrum hemp - and what it could do for you.

Blood Sugar Balance with Dr. Teitelbaum Jacob Natural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:20

Episode Nine: Integrative medicine physician, researcher, best-selling author and nationally known expert in the fields of chronic fatigue syndrome, pain, sleep and more - Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum joins us to discuss blood sugar balance and how you can achieve it!

All About Protein with Sunwarrior's Brian LaneNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 26:20

Episode Ten: Brian from Sunwarrior joins our own Brian to discuss quality proteins - and what makes Sunwarrior proteins some of our favorites!

Candida & Parasite Cleansing with Brenda Valen!Natural Way Radio
00:00 / 26:50

Episode Eleven: Brian interviews Brenda Valen, B.S., CNC, CNHP from Vital Planet about candida and parasite cleansing - and it's effects on brain fog, fatigue, headaches, aches & pains, and more.

Equine Health with Natalya GrysonNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 26:01

Episode Twelve: Brian interviews Natalya Gryson, USDF Gold Medalist, FEI Trainer, and operator of Still Hill Dressage! Concerned about your health? What about that of your furry friends? Natalya shares her trainer & professional expertise on both equine and dog care - and how to achieve it naturally!

Adrenal Health with Dr. Jacob TeitelbaumNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:00

Episode Thirteen: Brian interviews Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum on adrenal health, stress, and adrenal burnout - and what we can do about it, naturally!

Gut Health and Beyond with Laura DeWittNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:00

Episode Fourteen: Brian interviews our very own Laura DeWitt - Get Healthy owner, national educator, and gut health expert!

Beat Cancer Naturally with Terry LemerondNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 25:00

Episode Fifteen: Brian discusses beating cancer naturally with Terry Lemerond himself - founder & president of Terry Naturally, with over 55 years in the natural industry and over 500 formulations developed!

Immune Health with Cheryl MyersNatural Way Radio
00:00 / 24:06

Episode Sixteen: Brian talks with Cheryl Myers about essential nutrients for a healthy immune system!

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