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Hair Renew Formula


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Are you dealing with post-COVID or general hair loss? Are you looking to boost the strength, luster, and overall health of your hair? Hair Renew Formula provides an excellent balance of nutrients to support hair health from the inside out!

Hair Renew

Hair needs nutrients to survive! Unlike shampoos and conditioners, which may only temporarily improve the outward appearance of your hair, Hair Renew Formula provides a balance of nutrients to support hair from the inside.*

  • Millet Seed—a unique botanical that supports production of keratin, the main building block of hair.*

  • Biotin—essential in the renewal process of the follicles and roots of the hair that are already growing. Supporting healthy hair growth can result in thicker, more lustrous hair.*

  • B Vitamins—support energy production in the fast-growing cells in hair follicles that are required for structural support.*

  • Zinc—shown to improve hair quality, especially dry, brittle hair.*

These components, along with other key ingredients in Hair Renew Formula, combine to provide maximum nutrient support for healthy hair growth.*

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