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Intestinal Lining Support for Horses

  • Helps soothe the gut
  • Helps maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • Promotes optimal digestive health
  • Contains 6,000mg L-Glutamine
  • Plus NAG, DGL, Aloe Vera & more
  • All active ingredients, nothing else
  • Convenient, pleasant tasting powder
  • 60 scoops (390g)


Convenient Powder

Our convenient powder has a pleasant taste for horses and is easy to sprinkle on their food.

Intestinal Lining Support

This high-quality formula for horses helps soothe the gut and provides added support to help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

No Inactive Ingredients

Gut Renew for Horses contains only active ingredients for added peace of mind.


"I love this product! Particularly the aloe for supporting digestive, back, and joint health . And I couldn’t be more excited that the new formula is show safe! During shows I definitely double the dose so my horses get all the support they need in the intense environment."
-Natalya Gryson, Professional Equestrian, FEI Trainer, & Get Healthy Athlete

Vital Planet Equine Gut Renew

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