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Topical Hyaluronic Acid for Horses

My favorite way to use Hyalogic’s HyalunRub is to massage it under my horse’s scapula to encourage equal suppleness in both shoulders. It is common for horses to experience more tightness in one shoulder than the other and this can cause even them to lean right or left in front. When your horse pulls stronger on one rein than the other, it is sometimes caused by the hind leg not stepping through. However, single rein heaviness can also be caused by a tight shoulder making it hard for the horse to pick their front end up on that side.

I have found slowly massaging and working my hand up under the scapula with HyalunRub is a great way to release tension in the shoulder. I always work on both shoulders, usually starting with the less tight shoulder and then moving to the tighter one. Not only do I enjoy the results under saddle, but I enjoy showing my special horses a little extra appreciation

Note : Hyalun Rub contains capsicum, which is pain relieving. It is therefore not intended for use during competition or 7 days prior to competition

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