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Vital gut renew

We have had great results with this product! I have been giving two scoops once a day to three horses in the barn. My mare who has a history of gut issues and I have been treating with Sucralfate since mid-March. I have been able to decrease her Sucralfate from 3x per day to 2x per day and she continues to be asymptomatic. A young mare I took into training beginning of March, who has just not settled into the work (she has taken off with me a couple of times under saddle). Just this week she is starting to really relax in the work and is moving more balanced in both directions of travel. I have also been taking it and can really feel the difference. Further good news, our governing body the United States Equestrian Federation, wrote me back saying all the ingredients are allowed in competition.  I am very excited to be a part of developing a protocol that works to restore our horse’s gastrointestinal health!

-Natalya Gryson


I have found that Curamax helps my horses create the movement I aim for with every ride. It controls the inflammation and gives them the joint comfort they deserve, safely.

-Eugenia Fletcher, Trainer and Owner at Equest Riding Services, Fayetteville AR