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vital planet
gut renew

I’m so excited to introduce this new product! Vital Planet Gut Renew benefits horses of all ages, Whether providing support for the healthy gut lining of a young horse coming into training or helping rebuild the compromise gut lining of an older competition horse.

Natalya Gryson, Owner Still Hill Dressage, USDF Gold Medalist, FEI Trainer

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I used Gut Renew to help keep foals’ stomachs comfortable during weaning. Big transitions can be stressful and it helped keep them healthy and happy during the transition!


-Krista Mann, Owner, Sad Face Farm. Sport Horse Breeder

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I have found that Curamax helps my horses create the movement I aim for with every ride. It controls the inflammation and gives them the joint comfort they deserve, safely.

-Eugenia Fletcher, Trainer and Owner at Equest Riding Services, Fayetteville AR


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