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Losgelassenheit is important for both the horse and the rider. Loosely translated, it means a balance of positive relaxation and positive tension. Positive relaxation is achieved with suppling exercises, while positive tension is achieved with strengthening exercises.

Some horses and humans are natural ballerinas and suppleness and flexibility come easy to them. Personally, I am not and I have trained many horses over the years who are not. I feel the difference in my own flexibility and increased range of motion when I take Curamin® daily. I feel the same difference in the horses who are on Curamax™ daily.

Curamin provides relieve for occasional muscle pain due to exercise or overuse, while Curamax provides relief for occasional stiffness and discomfort. Together, they help support horses and riders achieve better looseness. This looseness in turn enables maximum benefit from strengthening work - building positive tension while keeping negative tension from creeping in. Beautiful Losgelassenheit.

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