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State of Flow

Riding this horse today, I think I could write a book about how to train young horses, because it feels like I've gotten it so right with this young horse on this day. No matter our passion, we pursue that passion in search of this experience - the state of flow.

The state of flow experience makes all of the days where we struggle to perfect a new skill, develop a better habit, or better way of being, worth it.

So how do we make sure that in the experience of struggle, we are continually working towards the flow state? In my head, I call it "fighting the good fight." Not because I want the struggle to turn into a fight. In fact, if the struggle does turn into a fight, then I've certainly lost my way. But because saying this in my head re-focuses me on positive action that allows me to flow. No matter what kind of struggle is going on, I can say this to myself, let out a deep exhale, and return to the peaceful place of knowing that allows my actions to be guided rather than random.

I find stumbling back into the flow state is simply a matter of focusing on the basics. Balancing my horse's rhythm requires my hips to be loose and the rhythm in my own body to be consistent. Balancing my horse's shoulders requires self-carriage, lightness, and swing of my own shoulders. Finding the best overall balance for this horse on this day requires that ragdoll feeling in my seat, legs, and arms, that allows me to focus on the pure feeling and allows my horse to come through. Find the state of allow and trust the state of flow is close at hand.

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